Balcony Waterproofing Service in Los Angeles

Balconies have the same importance as other parts of exterior building; however there are challenging details particular to this kind of structure. They are susceptible to decompose as they encounter rainfall directly to numerous intersecting planes.

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Wood framed balcony face a high risk of failure: drip, noticeable break on lower part, and hidden structural damage with continuous water leaks. When structural damage becomes obvious, it might be very late to apply waterproofing solutions while numerous wood-framed balconies are in need of replacement due to severe decay.

Modern balcony construction, comprise of concrete top slab above a waterproofing membrane on wood framing, is common in multi-family housing construction. It is also employed in houses and several commercial projects. Wood decompose of balcony frame is a familiar hazard; however it is more widespread than acknowledged. The contractors prepared excavations in excess of 200 balcony soffits in apartments manufactured more than a 10-year period, and found hidden water damage in about 40 percent of them. Moreover, the evident detailing was evaluated over thousands of balconies, and critical evaluation and water testing were executed on elected ones. The study showed inappropriate perimeter flashing detail was the leading source of water penetration. Contact AP roofing contractor for balcony waterproofing in Los Angeles