Clay Max

ClayMax tile is the first rate roofing product by perceptive owner of high-end custom homes. You can also enjoy the same impressive look, at an affordable installation cost and with guarantee that is transferable. This means you would be allowed to pass on the value of your home to new owner whenever you will decide to sell the house.

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ClayMax tile is highly admired because of its Lightweight design for re-roof applications and enduring beauty and permanence of clay tile.

ClayMax tiles are energy saver and offers Cool Roof along with the benefits of color lock technology and class A Fire retardant. It is also suitable for commercial, residential associations and institutional projects wherever weight, sturdiness, and price is the basic factor. Clay Max has been intended for re-roofing homes with wood shakes. Weighing up to 40% less than normal tiles, they can be installed with no expensive roof support.

In the past days, all roofing tiles were manufactured of clay. Nowadays only the best tiles are ClayMax! Select a genuine ClayMax tile roof from AP Roofing and you will have the look of durable and stylish roof forever. Get a free quote now and install ClayMax tile in Los Angeles.