Fire Free Tile- Installation OR Repair

Fire Free roofing tiles, are rated Class A fire-rated material. The fire fire roofing tiles are manufactured from a mix of cement, cellulose fiber and aggregate materials. The unique roof tiles are covered with a polymer resin that goes through the surface layer and sum up all six parts of material.

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The two product lines of FireFree Plus roofing are Rustic Shake and Quarry Slate that were made in a limited array of colors.  With 3 standard colors, FireFree plus Rustic Shake provides a look of new or old cedar. Moreover, our Rustic Shake could be installed with a straight butt pattern for an extra colonial or wood shingles seem or in a wobble pattern, offering a more rustic or western look. The Quarry Slate line was formed to look like as traditional slate roofing.

Like all cement based products, FireFree roofing products are possible to break because of the reason that the products last longer than others. FireFree plus Rustic Shake is very resistant to moss and toadstool and termites would not tap it! There are no necessary repairs other than keeping free dirt and trash off your roof. Though, the material is more fragile, which entails breakage problems during installation. AP roofing offers Fire-Free tiles in Los Angeles.