Fire Resistant Cedar

Cedar roof is a stunning roofing choice and adds a momentous glance to yours home.  Cedar roofs come in numerous styles and shapes. It last longer than an architectural-style asphalt shingle.

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Cedar roof is energy efficient, offering a natural insulation and lets you to preserve heating and cooling costs, and drastically save on energy bills.

When you opt fire resistant cedar roofing, you can rest assured that your home is safe from fires and spark. There are several companies that offer enduring, in-house pressure treating apply a powerful fire-resistant. There are three main classes of fire resistant treatments offered. Contact with your local building official to conclude which Class A, B or C roof is most suitable in your area.

Class “A” product is useful for severe fire exposures. Under those exposures, a roof layer comparatively gives a high degree of fire safety to roof deck.  Class “B” fire resistant treatment is helpful against temperate fire exposures. An invention that is useful against light fire exposures. In such exposures, roof layering of this class is not readily combustible. Fire resistant treatment is provided for all stipulations of Cedar Shakes and Shingles. You are to decide whether benefits of cedar roofing outweigh its detriment. Install Fire-resistant Cedar in Los Angeles.