Lightweight Slate Roofing

Slate roof is stunning, enduring, waterproof, and fire-resistant but they are heavy as well. A usually installed slate roof would weigh at least 640 lbs. /sq. while using an authentic “lightweight” slate. But if the roof weighs lesser, then slates are perhaps very thin to be able to possess a practical life span. The 12″ × 10″ slate tile is simple to hold, because only the ridge, hip, valley tiles are fixed, installation time will decrease significantly. A usually installed standard weight slate roof normally weighs 900 lb. /sq.

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Many residential as well as other structures are constructed to be roofed through wood shingles, wood shakes, and composite tiles; these all are much lighter than slate. Though, numerous cities ban wood as roofing material because of fire risks. Suppose a slate is ideal for its durability and fire-resistance, but structure is not planned for weight of conventional slate roof, then a Light-weight Slate roof structure might be the solution.

As an alternative of heavy rafter system, apply this prompt and reasonable system that makes a lightweight application and better attachment of slate to roof surface.

The major benefit of slate is its thickness. Its weight provides safety that not any material could provide.

Light-weight slate roofing is now available in Los Angeles.