Polyset is component polyurethane glue particularly designed to fix concrete and clay roof tiles to supported underlayment on new construction and maintenance work. The exclusive product properties, better performance and expert provision unit offer Polyset a lot of advantages over the appliance of conventional binding methods such as mortar, screws, nails, or other component bonds.

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roofer sprays Polyset foam applied to fix Pro Shake Plus concrete tile to torch-down roof. The other contractors arrange and put the tile into immediate setting foam. These clay tiles could be walked upon without breaking, when glued permanently.

Polyset is expert roofer’s ultimate solution for concrete or clay roof tile add-on. Polyset is a two-component, low-pressure polyurethane glue that sticks each tile in its place. It could be employed with no mechanical fasteners thus it wouldn’t deflate waterproofing covering or roof deck. Polyset has better holding power as compared to nails, mortar, screws, and wire fix systems.

Polyfoam Product developed Polyset, its first-rate roof tile glue. Polyset performed as planned, offered outstanding wind lift resistance. This same persistent performance is offered to the commercial roofing market along with the ProShake plus tiles. Get your roof installation by ProShake plus tile with Polyset Foam in Los Angeles.