Manufactured with natural earth and formed through a special mechanized procedure, ProShake Plus provides the simply genuine clay lightweight shake tile weigh up less than 6 lbs per sf offered in the market these days. They are extremely beautiful, and long-lasting, lightweight roof tile that offers a permanent protection against nature’s harsh consequences of sun, storm and rain.

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ProShake Plus would be a perfect tile to every area. The Pro Shake plus tile is the best possible product available in market for wood shake replacements. For sure, you would not come across any other product that might do better than this.

The installed cost for ProShake plus Roofing tile would differ from contractor to contractor, roof to roof, and owner to owner. There are several installers who have competitively installed ProShake at $500 per square. The same roofer may perhaps, secure a contract for ProShake tile on very vertical and intricate roof at $900 per square. There are numerous factors that influence the difficulty of roof plan including the access to roof, city regulations, and seasonal material rate fluctuations.  Get the perfect the re-roof bid of ProShake Plus in Los Angeles.