All regular coat work requires a cover at its top; to guard the last line of fixings and top layer of thatch. With the time, numerous modes of getting this have been created. The majority of standard thatched roof, are now covered with a ridge; either cereal straw or sedge grass. This kind of ridge requires renewing all through the thatch’s life. Moreover, finishing a new roof; the technique for completing either is the same. Renewing present ridges, offers a lot of work to Thatcher.

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If you own an older thatched roof, it’s important to check your roof for damage or corrosion.

Re-ridging thatched roof after every 10 to 12 years is very essential to maintain its condition. Any thatched roof would require re-ridging every 10-12 years, and once this work is accomplished than the roof would too be normally tidied up, little repairs done, moss removed and edges of roof leveled. If roof has wire netting, it would be removed and when the work will be completed, than new netting will be fixed.

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