Choosing the Right Roofing Materials

Choosing the Right Roofing Materials

When Choosing the Right Roofing Materials There are two main characteristics about the Los Angeles area that should be considered when dealing with roofing. First off, the area is prone to several different types of inclement whether such as storms and hail. This means, to save costs down the line, durability is a particularly desirable quality. The second characteristic of Los Angeles is the heat. Many refer to the area as HOT given the overbearing nature of the heat and humidity. Once again to save money in the long, selecting a roof type that offers as much insulation as possible will help chip away at the utility costs associated with air-conditioning.

Choosing the Right Roofing Materials / Roof Materials

Composition Shingles-Composition shingles probably offers the best balance of affordability with appearance. They come in a great variety of colors and are fairly easy to install. The caution relating to them, however, is that they tend to sustain damage with strong winds. In storm prone Los Angeles upgrading to a more durable asphalt shingle offers a higher durability.

Hot Mop-A hot mop asphalt roof is the most common style seen on commercial buildings. This is due to its cost efficiency (most economical option) and good durability. These two features however come at the expense of aesthetics. For residential properties they are, therefore, not recommended (and often even not allowed).

Terracotta or clay tiles, offers a very beautiful appearance for an elevated cost. These tiles can be difficult to work with and prone to breaking. For these reasons they are not very suitable for the Los Angeles area. If this option is chosen, however, it should be reinforced with concrete fibers making it less fragile

Slate Stone is very similar to terracotta in that it offers great aesthetics for a high cost. The difference is that it is very durable and requires little maintenance. These features are reflected in the price however. Often times, due to the weight, roofs must be reinforced before the material is applied. All in all it is not a bad option if a homeowner has the pocket book to back it up.

Metal is coming back. Very popular during the 1700’s homeowners are only just now remembering why they liked it so much. Metal roofs come with a number of benefits. They are fire retardant, they are maintenance free, they are incredibly durable and they come in a variety of styles. These include standing-seam as well as mimics of shingles, wood shakes, and terracotta and Victorian tiles. Last of all, and perhaps most attractive, is that this material offers one of the best energy efficiencies out of all. The reflective nature of the metal causes the roof to absorb upwards of 30% less sunlight. This translates too more than a 20% savings on energy bills. Naturally, these benefits are reflected in the cost, as it is somewhat more expensive than the standard shingle option. If it is in the homeowners budget, however, this is the best option for Los Angeles houses given its durability and energy efficiency.

Though metal is the best-suited material for Los Angeles, it is not affordable to all. After this option the best choice is probably an asphalt shingle. These can offer an affordable, reasonably attractive option that will last the house between 20 and 30 years. Proper maintenance, however, is incredibly important.

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